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Transco Lines

CDLLIFE was able to connect with some of the people over at Transco Lines in order to find out more about who they are as a company. Transco Lines, better known among their drivers as TLI, is a for hire truckload and less-than-truckload carrier that is based out of Russellville, AR.

 Transco Lines, Inc. was founded in October 1984 and they are conveniently located off of I-40 between Little Rock, AR and Fort Smith, AR. According to TLI

Our locations afford our drivers easy access to modern maintenance facilities, and complete amenities for drivers while they are in town.

Transco Lines Terminal Location

What type of freight does Transco Lines haul?

CDLLIFE asked TLI what type of freight they haul and they told us that their:

niche in the marketplace is customized service for customers requiring Just-In-Time performance. We pride ourselves on providing ultra-modern assets for our drivers and superior service to our customers.

For those of you that don’t know what just-in-time shipping is, it’s basically a supply chain method where manufacturers keep the amount of inventory they have on hand to a minimum. Instead of carrying a lot of excess inventory manufacturers instead stock only what it expects to use for its immediate needs. The downsize of this is that manufacturers that use just-in-time processes consistently needs to be restocked with new inventory to keep their manufacturing process running smoothly. If a just-in-time load does not get delivered on time, it could very well shut down the manufacturer’s product line. This makes it vital for the manufacturer to partner with a reliable carrier who can deliver the goods on time.

Because TLI employs a lot of teams, they are able to get freight moved quickly across the country.  This is in part because team drivers can keep the wheels of their truck turning which means that they can cover a lot of ground in quick amount of time. Team drivers also gives TLI some flexibility in case a load ever needs to be re-powered. To help ensure smooth operation, TLI operates about 170 teams in addition to having about 175 solo drivers. This healthy mixture of teams and solo drivers allows TLI to be able to provide freight solutions to their customers that is reliable, consistent, and on time.

Transco Lines Team Drivers

Due to their customer base, Transco Lines places a large emphasis on hiring teams and after talking to them they are willing to roll out the red carpet for team drivers that are looking to make a switch.

Currently, Transco Lines is looking for company or lease purchase team drivers for Over the Road opportunities. We are hiring Hazmat and Non Hazmat drivers. Company Teams can earn from $0.45 per mile to $0.52 per mile, based on experience, qualifications, and safety record. We also offer  sign-on bonuses of up to $10,000 based on eligibility requirements.

Transco Lines has told us that it’s important to them that their teams don’t sit around burning valuable time so to help facilitate this their teams are currently hauling about 98% drop and hook freight. This lack of waiting helps their load planners maintain a steady schedule per truck and most team drivers who are available for the week are able to pull in 5,500 to 6,200 miles per week according to TLI.

TLI is also are willing to accommodate solo drivers that want to team, but do not have a partner.

Whether you bring your team partner with you or you need our help finding you a team partner, TLI Teams know they are part of TLI’s Family of Drivers. We are “ONE TEAM ONE VISION.”

Transco Lines Lease Purchase Program

TLI offers lease purchase opportunities to both solo and team drivers. They do not require the driver to put anything down to qualify and they do not perform a credit check.

Transco Lines “Best in the Nation” Lease Purchase Program gives our Solo and Team Contractors a path to true truck ownership. At TLI, we put our contractors in control by being a true partner with you in your business. If your goal is profitability, stability, and control of your financial future, you need a true partner with the same goals. Transco Lines, your partner in transportation!

In addition, CDLLIFE learned that Transco Lines is currently offering an attractive sign on bonus for drivers who are looking to make a change.

Type Bonus Amount
Hazmat Team up to $10,000
Non-Hazmat Team up to $5,000
Solo Lease Operators $2,500 + $500 Transition Pay

Transco Lines Lease Purchase Pay Scale

CDLLIFE spent some time going over the pay-scale for TLI’s lease program. TLI has 4 different pay scales for their lease purchase program. Each pay scale corresponds to a different driver type. In the 4 tables below you will notice that Transco Lines utilizes a sliding pay scale which means that as the length of the haul varies in distance, so to does the rate of pay. In addition, TLI pays a lower CPM when the driver is empty.


Mileage CPM
1-800 Miles $1.05 plus FSC
801+ Miles $1.03 plus FSC
Empty Miles $0.82 plus FSC


Mileage CPM
1-800 Miles $1.03 plus FSC
801+ Miles $1.00 plus FSC
Empty Miles $0.82 plus FSC


Mileage CPM
1-800 Miles $0.99 plus FSC
801+ Miles $0.97 plus FSC
Empty Miles $0.82 plus FSC


Mileage CPM
1-800 Miles $0.97 plus FSC
801+ Miles $0.95 plus FSC
Empty Miles $0.82 plus FSC

TLI Equipment

CDLLIFE talked to TLI about their current equipment and we learned that they have a mixture of trucks throughout their fleet.  They operate Peterbilt’s, Volvo’s, Freightliner’s, and Kenworth’s.

From an equipment standpoint, TLI is probably most known for their tribute to military veterans by having several of their tractors wrapped with the insignia of the 4 different Military branches. Their company has been a regular participant in “Wreaths Across America”  and they have several military vets that work for them.