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CDLLIFE was able to connect with Heartland Express in order to find out more about who they are.  We asked Heartland Express a series of questions to help introduce themselves to prospective drivers who may never of heard of them. Here are the questions we asked Heartland Express and what they had to say.


In a paragraph or two, take some time and tell our readers a little bit about your company. In other words, who are you and what do you do?

The top shippers in America depend on Heartland Express to improve business performance, deliver exceptional results to their customers, and drive overall value into their transportation supply chain. Heartland Express brings together industry experience, state of the art equipment and technology, and good people with a vision to be the best, to serve the truckload transportation needs of the top shippers in America.

A leader in transportation and logistics, Heartland Express provides collaborative truckload transportation service that enables companies to deliver exceptional service across their transportation network to improve customer satisfaction. Companies choose Heartland Express for its award-winning, on-time pickup and delivery, fleet capacity to cover commitments scaled to their needs, leadership in providing information about their shipments, and its performance in moving beyond the transactional to the strategic relationship to solve problems.


In your mind, what makes your company unique from all of the other trucking companies that exist?

The difference about Heartland Express is we have a simple philosophy – the Customer is King, the Driver is Key, and we’re Operationally driven.  Which means we know that we need to service the customer first – they pay our bills. The driver is the key piece for us to maintain our service to our customers and everything we do operationally is to make the driver successful to service our customers.  We intentionally haul the most difficult freight that other carriers can’t – in turn we ask for more from our customers in rates.  We then turn around and invest it into our driver pay.  We hire the best drivers to deliver some of the most critical freight and pay our drivers more per mile to do so.


With there being so much competition between trucking companies for experienced drivers why should a prospective driver consider working for your company as opposed to all of the other trucking companies that are looking to hire drivers?

Heartland Express has been, and will continue to be, a leader in driver pay. Additionally, the Heartland Express New Driver Mileage Pledge is an innovative hiring mission developed to guarantee recently hired their miles in the first eight weeks on the job. Guarantees vary based on experience and driving division, but this pledge should put any prospective driver at ease regarding their income.


What can you tell our readers about the culture of your company?

We pride ourselves on safety, financial stability, and service.  Heartland has a culture of service to our customers.  We consider our customers to be the shippers for whom we haul AND our drivers.  Our drivers are our internal customers.  On-time service generates more opportunity for business.  Offering our drivers the top pay, the newest equipment, and opportunities such as dedicated, regional, salary, long haul, and teaming a driver can be successful for his or her family.  Our safety record plays in integral role in all of this.


Most of our readers of very aware of the turnover problem that exists within the trucking industry. Generally, what is your company’s thoughts on driver turnover and what is your company doing to reduce the turnover rate at your organization?

Heartland maintains an “open door” policy about any issue a driver may have.  We have folks whose job it is to rectify situations that may arise.  We take driver turnover very seriously.  We’ve built our company on the best drivers in the industry – we realize we need to take care of them.


What type of freight does your company haul?

Some of our top customers are Walmart, Sears, FedEx, Unilever, Georgia Pacific, Kellogg’s, Ford, GM.  We are mostly dry freight with a small refrigerated division and some heavy haul and high cube.


What’s the typical running area that your company operates in?

Heartland Express runs all 48 lower United States, with strongholds throughout the Pacific Northwest, Midwest, South, and Eastern Seaboard.


As best as you can, can you summarize all of the different truck driving jobs that your company is hiring for?

We have 48-state over the road positions, team positions, OTR positions running half the country (east and west), regional positions, dedicated positions, weekly salary positions, and local positions.


Can you provide our readers with general information about how your company compensates drivers that work for you?

We use a pay scale that compensates drivers depending on their level of experience—maxing out at 10 years. The driver’s pay is dependent on their division and lane.

While we run very little Hazmat freight, but we do compensate drivers with a Hazmat license with an additional $0.01 per mile (even if they’re not carrying a Hazmat load).

Additionally, we offer annual safety bonuses between $0.01 and $0.03. Other compensation notes are below:

  • Safety Bonus $.01-$.03
  • Annual Pay Increase for the Next 10 Years
  • Orientation Pay
  • Detention Pay after 1 Hour at a Customer
  • Short Haul Pay $20 for 0-50 Miles, $15 for 51-100 Miles
  • Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance
  • 401k Package
  • Paid Vacation Grows with Experience
  • Referral Bonuses


What are your minimum hiring qualifications?

We require prospective drivers to have earned their Class A CDL from an accredited institution, a good work history and a good driving record.

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