Top 9 Reasons Trucker Quit Their Jobs

A recent study performed by HireRight quizzed truck drivers on why they decided to quit their jobs. Here are the top 9 factors that drivers say made them leave their trucking jobs (note that the truckers surveyed were allowed to cite more than one reason for quitting).

  1. Better Pay. 50% of drivers say that making more money is the biggest reason for quitting.
  2. More Time At Home. 41% of truckers say that having more time at home with family and friends is a major reason for quitting.
  3. Better Benefits. 34% of truckers surveyed stated that the lure of better health coverage and retirement programs leads drivers to quit one job for another.
  4. Retirement. 29% of truckers say that they are simply leaving trucking because the time has come to retire.
  5. Desire To Work Outside Of Transportation Industry. 24% of truckers say that heavy regulations within the industry have prompted a desire to work in a less regulated work environment.
  6. Health Problems. A surprising 21% of trucker say that they quit their jobs for health reasons — either because they didn’t qualify for a CDL for medical reasons or because of the health issues associated with the trucking lifestyle.
  7. Didn’t Like Company Culture. 17% of truckers say that they quit because they didn’t fit in well with their company.
  8. Opportunity To Advance Career. 11% of drivers quit because an opportunity for something better came along.
  9. Drivers Are Not Quitting. 7% of the survey’s respondents say that they and other drivers are not actually quitting their jobs.


Ashley Neely has been a lead content creator and social media manager with CDLLife since 2015. Her passion? Helping the men and women in the trucking industry get the news they need and the respect that they deserve.