Structural Worries Prompt Lower Weight Limit On Michigan Bridge

Concerns about structural issues have forced Michigan transportation officials to impose new, lower weight restrictions on the Wayne County Bridge.

Officials decided to lower the weight limit on the Wayne County Bridge (also frequently referred to as the Grosse Ile Free Bridge) that connects Grosse Ile Township to Trenton following a recent bridge inspection. While officials say that there is no immediate danger to drivers using the bridge, a visual inspection did reveal deterioration.

The new weight limit for a single trailer is 32 tons. For tandem trailers, the new weight limit is 43 tons.

Drivers who exceed the weight limit can use the Grosse Ile Toll Bridge or divide up their cargo so that they are making more frequent trips across the Wayne County Bridge with lighter trucks.

It isn’t clear when the necessary repairs will be made to the bridge.

SOURCEThe Detroit Free Press
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