13 Best Social Media Takes On #TrumpTruck

Yesterday President Trump got to live out his trucking dreams when the ATA and a group of truck drivers were invited to the White House.

The President hopped up into one of the semis on the White House lawn, honked the horn, and displayed childish delight at getting to trade in the Oval Office desk for the steering wheel of a semi truck, even if just for a few moments.

The internet went, shall we say, trucking nuts over the video and photos of the trucking president, and #TrumpTruck became a massively viral meme.

Here are some of the internet’s very best takes on the President’s brief but memorable trucking adventure.

Some were just honestly tickled pink to see the president getting to enjoy the driver’s seat of a semi.

These users noticed that the President bore a striking resemblance to Large Marge in “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure”

That face does look like maybe he should have saved it for the bathroom….

Some thought that the President might be more comfortable in a smaller vehicle.

The “Mad Max” references were almost too easy.

Who could blame him if he didn’t want to get out of the truck?

Maybe the President’s jam came on when he got into the truck.

This Twitter user has a theory about who was really behind the wheel of the truck in the movie “Duel.”

He’s clearly got the need for speed.

Ashley Neely has been a lead content creator and social media manager with CDLLife since 2015. Her passion? Helping the men and women in the trucking industry get the news they need and the respect that they deserve.